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Live Fire Training Props


LION live fire training props are designed for public education, workplace safety and entry-level firefighting. Digital fire training props help you acclimate your trainees to the experience of fighting fires and they let you train in a variety of environments, but you also need to train with live fire if you are going to prepare your trainees well.

LION has you covered. Our Live Fire Training Props are available in a variety of formats – from structures to props and everything in between – and they still have the ability to stop and start virtually at will. We offer the MAGNUM Fire Training System for advanced fire extinguisher and hose line training. There is also our portable M-Fire Training System. It creates full-scale flames from a compact package and lets you use different fire settings, props, and pre-programmed scenarios to make a new challenges for your trainees. For extinguisher training, we offer our ITS Extinguisher Training System. Flames are varied automatically while advanced sensors detect whether the proper techniques are being used. Our ITS also features patented SmartExtinguishers that let you teach fire suppression techniques using nothing more than compressed air and water.

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