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Wearing a helmet comes with the job when you are a firefighter – but not all helmets are created equal. Some provide adequate protection but they don’t fit comfortably. At LION, we think that is a problem because we know that the more comfortable your helmet, the longer you can wear it and the less fatigue you’ll experience.

The comfort level of a helmet is much more than a matter of personal preference. It directly corresponds to how closely the fit of your helmet matches the dimensions of your head. Since no two heads are alike, this requires certain components of the helmet to be adjustable so each can properly fit your head’s unique size and shape.

At LION, our firefighter helmets are engineered from a first responder’s perspective for the best fit and protection out there. They are completely adjustable in both suspension and height. The result is a customized fire helmet that’s light and comfortable, but provides optimum heat and impact resistance.

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