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Fire Technologies


You can help your firefighters be ready for anything with Fire Technologies from LION. Each one features intelligent controls that make it easy to repeat the exercise. You will decrease downtime and increase training times while exposing your trainees and practice participants to realistic situations and multiple evolutions. Plus, LION fire technology systems have a range of safety features built-in so that your trainees will be safe while they learn fire-fighting techniques and strategies.

Gas-based fire technologies produce real heat and smoke so they feel like a real-life exercise – but you control the experience. Because this technology is so easy to start and stop, hundreds of evolutions can be run in a single day. Expand your trainees’ knowledge of proper approach, attack and rescue techniques with extensive hands-on training.

You can also choose digital fire technology. With simulated fire, you can train where live fire is not a possibility or use it as a tool to acclimate new firefighters to fiery environments and reinforce skills with veteran firefighters in a safe environment.

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