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Live Fire Training Props


Training new firefighters and keeping veteran responders up to date with firefighting techniques is an important part of making sure your team is prepared for every call. Digital fire training props are a great start. They help you acclimate your crew to the experience of fighting fires, and they let you train in a variety of environments, but you also need to train with live fire.

LION has you covered. Our Live Fire Training Props are available in a range of formats – from structures to props and everything in between – and they still have the ability to stop and start virtually at will. The stainless steel Pilot Module acts as the brain of the system and connects to the Control Console, which allows the instructor to safely stop and start evolutions. The Pilot Module also houses the forced air pilot system, which guarantees reliable ignition, even under the most demanding circumstances. There is also a Burn Tray, which allows for multiple burn zones and more intense flames, that can be connected to the Pilot Module to expand training capabilities. It has a water bath design that lets you ensure even fuel distribution and protects burners from intense heat.

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