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Classroom Training Props


While you need to be able to demonstrate fire safety training in realistic scenarios, you need to start in a classroom before you ask for participants. In that type of controlled environment, you can begin to introduce your employees to the concerts and techniques that will keep them and everyone else safe in the event of an emergency – and you need the right tools to do that well.

Prepare your employees with LION’s realistic, clean and cost-effective training solutions. Our workplace safety training tools are your solution to educating employees and complying with state and federal safety regulations. Whether your industry presents employees with potentially hazardous elements or not, LION fire safety and HazMat training tools ensure that your trainees will have the tools to face a variety of emergency situations.

LION training props range from digital simulations with smoke generators to rescue mannequins to live fire training tools. We can also simulate chemical and explosive gas issues so you can teach how to locate emission sources, how different gases behave, and how to respond appropriately. Choose the props that make sense for your industry or contact us and we can make suggestions about how you can best reach your safety training goals.

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