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Community Fire Safety Training


In a fire situation, every second matters. Fires can overload the senses of even experienced fire personnel. The smoke, the amber glow, the heat – how much more overwhelming is it for members of the general community?

Community fire safety training tries to fill that void. When it comes to community fire safety training, you can cover the concepts of fire safety, prevention and protection in a classroom. However, if you want to hit your message home, the ability to demonstrate concepts and let class members try to implement them under the instructor’s watchful eye makes all the difference. LION makes the fire safety training tools you need to make that happen.

Practicing proper fire safety responses is critical to ensuring a member of the community can overcome the shock of the situation and take action. LION offers a variety of realistic and cost-effective training solutions that can help you bring fire safety concepts to life from within the classroom. We offer digital simulation, smoke generators, live fire props and HazMat specific tools to let you demonstrate and practice a variety of emergency responses, safely.

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