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Workplace Safety Training


Teaching emergency response might start in a classroom, but you can’t teach safety and rescue in theory alone. At LION, we know that you need hands-on training to stay as safe as possible when the worst happens. That’s why we make workplace safety training tools.

In a quickly growing incipient stage fire, every second counts. When faced with the sensory overload of a fire, the blazing flames, thick smoke, and heat can impair a person’s ability to think quickly and rationally. Practicing the correct response can help you remember the right things to do when the going is toughest.

Prepare your employees with LION’s realistic, clean and cost-effective training solutions. Our fire safety and HazMat training tools ensure that your trainees can practice a variety of emergency situations. They are specially designed to help you educate employees and comply with local safety regulations. From R.A.C.E. method (Rescue, Alert, Confine, Extinguish) solutions to a laser-driven fire extinguisher system, our intelligent training systems include the props you need to create realistic scenarios and provide training that makes a real difference.

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