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Rescue Mannequins


Training for search and rescue often means having a firefighter play the role of the person being rescued, while you use a digital simulator or a dummy prop. It is the way we had to do it for years – but times have changed. LION makes rescue mannequins that are tough enough to meet the most rigorous training demands and smart enough to interact with rescuers. They are weighted to feel like a real person and have intelligent features that make them move and even sound like a real person.

Available in weights up to 110 pounds (49 kg) and heights up to 5’10” (1.7 meters), LION rescue mannequins feature an internal structure with weighted padding so that the weight is evenly distributed for realistic heft. Plus, they are made from a heavy-duty abrasion-resistant material for durability with a flexible design to permit joints at the elbows, knees and waist to move without creating pinch points or causing them to get stuck or jammed in tight spaces during rescue operations. There is also a voice box that allows the mannequin to call out for help and interact with rescuers. With our wide range of available mannequins, you can even record custom messages with a built-in microphone for continuous or sound-activated playback.

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