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Turnout gear and rescue wear is a necessity for first responders. Having the right tops, pants, helmet, boots and gloves can make a real difference in making your mission a success – but there is more to the equation than the gear you can see. Underneath it all, you need to have certain accessories in order to keep your gear in place and to give you a lift when you need it.

LION makes a variety of suspenders, escape harnesses and belts in different configurations to help you be prepared, the way you need it. We offer both quick-adjust and fixed suspenders in stretch and non-stretch styles. We also offer different colors and reflective options so you get exactly what you need for a professional setup – no exceptions.

At LION, we also make a drag rescue device that is so comfortable, you won’t feel it. It is still NFPA 1971 compliant, but it is designed to minimize sensation. We have rescue harnesses and belts as well.

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