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Digital Training Props for Community Safety


The LION product line can be utilized to spread fire safety awareness and prevention to children and adults alike. Safely incorporate live fire into your training and fire safety lessons. You can incorporate all the elements of fire response into your training evolutions to safely prepare your trainees for the real thing.

LION Digital Training Props can recreate the stressful environment of a live fire while allowing students to practice and memorize the correct response. This creates an environment that supports their ability to make good decisions based on their observations should the real thing occur. By including sound, smoke and training extinguishers, trainees will be exposed to the same conditions they will face in a real fire emergency.

Upon discovery of the simulated fire, trainees can put their knowledge of emergency response to the test – from staying calm enough to sound the alarm and call for help to using an extinguisher to put the fire out. Help your community build the skills they need to make good decisions in the event of an incipient stage fire from the moment they see it.

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