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Responding well to emergencies requires practice, and HAZMAT is no exception. Each of our HAZMAT fire training props provides a variety of hands-on and repeatable chemical and industrial emergency response training exercises. LION props can be fixed or mobile and can simulate liquid and vapor hazardous material leaks, as well as hazardous materials fires. Realistic smoke output and sound adds realism and urgency to each training exercise.

One popular choice for HAZMAT training is the mobile HAZMAT training tanker. Built on a full-scale tanker platform, the LION-brand large-scale prop features multiple damage zones with cracks, punctures, and ruptures, as well as leaking valves and faulty acid, chlorine and gasoline domes. Challenge your trainees to identify the emergency situation and take the appropriate actions. With on-board electrical, compressed air, water, and dye injection systems, this prop is equipped to provide a wide range of scenarios in one self-contained package.

HAZMAT training props can also be outfitted to recreate hazardous material fires. Propane gas-fueled fire scenarios include valve fire, pressure relief valve fire, spill fire, and pipe burst fire. Firefighters can safely practice approaching the tank to apply cooling hose streams directly to the vessel.

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