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Digital Training Props


Transform any environment into a fire safety training ground. Many safety officers have come to us with challenges that prevented them from conducting live-fire training. They have out-of-date training structures or equipment that don’t comply with environmental, state, local and national regulations. We have a great solution for areas where live burns are no longer feasible, or as a way to acclimate people to fiery environments and reinforce fire suppression skills in a safe environment – Digital Fire Technology.

LION Digital Fire Technology allows instructors to give their trainees realistic hands-on training when or where live fire isn’t possible. It provides comprehensive hands-on training using realistic, self-generating digital flames that respond directly to your trainee’s actions – and they are durable.

Our digital fire installations are tough enough to be hit with anything in fire safety training, including a hose line. Challenge your trainees to fight digital flames for realistic and intense hands-on training. Trainees can experience and interact with digital flames while focusing on suppression and water application. Practice varying stream patterns and water placement while properly advancing a charged line, or strategically place our digital props in a burn tower for full company training, including engine operations, advancing the hose line, initial attack and water supply.

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