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As an emergency responder, you deal with new challenges all the time. You come across a fire that behaves in a way you didn’t expect, a hazardous material that requires specific care, or an issue that just needs a different approach than you’ve used before – but you answer the call and you respond anyway. It’s what you do.

At LION, we salute that. We also want to know more. We know that in those moments, you might have a lightbulb moment. You spot an action that might be easier if you had more padding here, you wish that you had an extra strap there, or you notice a technique that could use more training. These brainstorms could become a new LION product or product enhancement – but only if you submit your idea!

We have a dedicated research and development team, but those people are not out in the field everyday like you and your team. To gain input from people like you, we have research panels and work with departments to try out new innovations, make product adjustments, and refine our product offerings. That helps give us some insight into the challenges you face, but it’s not complete. The challenges your team faces could be different, and that means you might need different product enhancements than other companies.

Fill out this form and let us know how we can help. What sort of product or product enhancement can we create for you?

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