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Latest News: Bullex® is now part of the Lion Group.

LION HazMat CBRN suits


Non-encapsulated, anti-static and form-fitting suits that are high-performing with enhanced dexterity and superior protection, especially against biological hazards, bloodborne pathogens, a whole range of chemicals and nerve gasses.

HazMat CBRN Protective gear

Protecting the safety and readiness of the protectors

Responding to any HazMat CBRN incident is adrenalin-inducing. First responders need to be fully protected from exposure to dangerous contaminants, but the one thing they don’t need is to worry about is their own safety, health, and comfort. This is why, together with Gore, LION developed HazMat CBRN suits, each with unique features for specific tasks. Each of them is rigorously tested to enable first responders to respond to hazardous waste, drug labs, biological threats and domestic terrorism agents. The LION line of HazMat CBRN protective gear allows the wearer to remain engaged longer while providing a high level of protection against a broad range of toxic and biological hazards.

LION HazMat CBRN garments function to best prepare first responders like firefighters, emergency response teams, SWAT law enforcement officers and industrial workers for the dangers they may face each day, keeping them safe, protected and ready for action.

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