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Fire Service PPE


LION offers a large variety of turnouts, gloves, boots, helmets and firefighter essentials — and there is innovation built into each of our PPE product lines.

Each year, your training and experience enable you to enhance your skills and evolve as a firefighter. At LION, we think firefighter gear should evolve as well. That’s why we work with fire companies and station houses like yours to find out how your gear needs to respond and what issues you need us to address. This research goes to our development team where concepts and models are tested by actual firefighters and fire service providers in the field. From there, we tweak our designs and add the features that will serve you best. We add economic construction, introduce moisture management technologies, and enhance your thermal protection – all while making sure that you can don/doff easily and that your gear is built to withstand whatever danger you meet on your next call.

We know that the hazards you face are constantly changing – and we want to do our part. We believe in collaboration with the first responder community and are committed to the ongoing delivery of PPE innovations that improve your health, safety and performance in the line of duty.

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