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FASET Asset Management


FASET is a web-based fire and safety equipment asset management program. With it you can create all record-keeping elements required for fire department compliance to NFPA 1851, Standard on Selection Care, and Maintenance of Structural Fire Fighting Protective Ensembles.

FASET makes it easy for you to track all of your department’s equipment, from helmets and turnout gear to ladders, SCBA’s, hoses and rescue tools.

FASET users can create records required for NFPA 1851 compliance. You can also schedule reports to print for gear in need of inspection.

FASET is a user-friendly Fire and Safety Equipment Tracker tool, consisting of a relational database plus various utilities that make the control of fire hose, ladder, SCBA, PPE, apparatus and tool inventories easier and virtually error-free. 

PPE records to track who has been issued the gear, when it was last cleaned/inspected/repaired, repair data and even retirement information can all be stored in FASET.

Used properly, FASET will save time, reduce your workload and save your department money. FASET has easily learned full-screen interfaces for editing, modifying, adding, and deleting data in a consistent manner for all modules.

A manufacturer’s serial number can be entered manually, or by scanning the serial number’s one-dimensional bar code with a Symbol LS2208 scanner. These can be purchased through LION.

How do I get it?

Software licenses are purchased from LION.  Additional licenses are needed when users must have exclusive areas of responsibility, such as PPE  vs. SCBA maintenance.  

There is an annual maintenance fee after the first year to continue access to the server and to cover regular software upgrades. 

What kind of support will I get? Read the User Guide here.

LION Technical Services  will offer support through a direct toll-free line (855.757.5466).

LION’s website will have a FAQ section on the FASET page.  Also, there will be training webinars and an updated user guide whenever upgrades are made to the software. 

A user forum will be created on the LION website that allows a user to ask questions about the software or to make suggestions for improvements for future editions.

You can also receive in-person, on-site training for an additional fee.

Getting started

Ready to get your FASET system in place? Contact your LION regional sales manager. 


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