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RACE Station


Prepare for Anything - Helps reinforce the fire procedure to build muscle memory and responsiveness.

R.A.C.E. Station™

Über grundlegendes Feuerlöschertraining hinaus!

  • Auf alles vorbereiten

    Vertieft Verfahren zur Brandbekämpfung, um die Reaktionsfähigkeit auf Feuer vor Ort zu verbessern.

  • Üben verschiedenster Situationen

    Befähigt Übungsteilnehmer anhand ihrer Beobachtungen im Ernstfall die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen.

  • Vielseitig

    Kann als eigenständiges Gerät oder mit anderen LION-Schulungstools verwendet werden.

  • Effektive Schulung

    Realistische Bilder und Geräusche helfen den Schulungsteilnehmern, sich auf das Schlimmste vorzubereiten.

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Wie es funktioniert

Komplettlösung für Trainieren von Brandbekämpfung

Umfasst eine Feuermelderstation, eine Stroboskoplampe und eine Feuerlöscherhalterung, einen Rauchmelder, einen Alarmgeber und ein interaktives Notfall-Smartphone, mit dem Schulungsteilnehmer eine Notfallreaktion von Anfang bis Ende üben können.
Complete Fire Training Solution

Umfassendes Konzept

Durch Kombination mit dem laserbasierten digitalen Feuerlöscher-Trainingssystem BullsEye™ bereiten Sie Ihre Schulungsteilnehmer mit realistischen Tools auf alles vor, was im Ernstfall zu tun ist. Damit vermitteln Sie effizient und praxisnah, wie man auf einen Brand in seiner Entstehungsphase reagiert, sobald er bemerkt wird.

Überall trainieren


Schulungsräume? Nicht mehr nötig! Leicht, kompakt und somit bequem zwischen Schulungsorten zu transportieren - die LION Race-Station. Richten Sie die R.A.C.E. Station™ am Schulungsort ein, wo sich Alarmgeber und Feuerlöscher tatsächlich befinden.

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Coat Description

  • Underarm bellows - Bellowed underarm construction for better movement
  • Freedom Elbow - Enables the arm to bend freely while keeping the wrist protected by reducing sleeve travel.
  • Ergonomic shaping to improve comfort and interface with other PPE elements.
  • Bi-swing back with inverted pleats in all layers of the system expand as the arms move forward, resulting in no tugging or binding at the shoulder.
  • Comfort collar and optional throat tab deliver continuous thermal and moisture protection while providing exceptional interface to SCBA mask.
  • Ever-Dry Reach System - The thermal liner and moisture barrier travel with your wrist to minimize exposure to water, steam and flame.
  • Zip-In Liner - Quick and easy removal and reinstallation for cleaning and inspection.
  • Semper Dri - Reduces water absorption in coat cuff water wells and yoke.

Shirt Description

Pants Description

  • Low-rise pants complement the natural contours of the body for increased comfort.
  • Radial inseam and banded crotch reduce tension and add comfort to turnout gear.
  • Freedom Knee provides gusset that the knee can fall into when crawling, climbing, bending and kneeling.
  • Knees with Lite-N-Dri Cushioning - Standard two layers of water-resistant cushioning provides additional thermal protection in a high compression area. Additional layers of Lite-N-Dri and silicone available.
    • Semper Dri - Repels water in the bottom of the pant to keep workingweight low and help prevent wicking of undesirable liquids up the pant.
    • Kick Shield - Helps protect high-friction area on pant.
    • Available in a wide range of custom sizes to fit your needs.

Pants Description


Die R.A.C.E. Station™ erweitert die Feuerlöscherschulung über die Bedienung von Feuerlöschern hinaus. Damit können Sie die richtigen Notfallmaßnahmen und Entscheidungen von der Erkennung des Feuers bis zum Löschen der Flammen realitätsnah üben.

Mehr von LION

"Why LION? I have interacted with firefighter survival equipment manufacturers for over four decades, but I haven't met any that come close to LION with their sincere and proven interest in understanding (aka LISTENING) to what we, firefighters, genuinely need. Their endless pursuit to listen to the "voices of firefighters" and then utilizing the latest proven firefighting research results in bunker gear that supports us in best taking care of those who need us, as well as each other. From their demonstrated commitment in providing us with what we genuinely need to do the job, to their full and hands on involvement (in research and fiscal support) with the battle to reduce firefighter cancer, LION isn't just words- they are proven action with impressive results."

Billy Goldfeder | Deputy Fire Chief Loveland-Symmes Fire Department

"Recently, the Baton Rouge Fire Department accepted delivery of the ITS Xtreme fire extinguisher training prop and we have hit the ground running. We have trained over 200 people in the proper use of a fire extinguisher in approximately 6 weeks. This new technology is leaps and bounds better and more efficient than the old training method of the burn pan and carbon dioxide extinguishers. We are able to take full advantage of the ability to recharge the extinguishers onsite, thereby allowing us to reach more people effectively. This unit is exponentially easier to setup, use and maintain than previous methods."

Clint L. Sanchez | Baton Rouge Fire Department

"When you combine ease of use, quick set up and tear down time, actual training time, and SAFETY of this training system, there is nothing out there comparable."

George Ostrom | Safety Asst, AMRI Global

"The customer service has been awesome! I did have a problem with one of the fire extinguishers when it was first delivered. I made one phone call and spoke with a technician who immediately sent out a brand new extinguisher. They have contacted me often to make sure that I was completely satisfied and wasn’t having any further problems. It’s not too often that you can not only get a great product, but also great service. I would highly recommend it to others."

Denita Lynch | High Point Fire Department

"I have trained about 125 employees for one company, with great success. The system is very easy to set up, as well as to operate."

Pat Patterson | President LAAP, Inc.

"Thanks to [LION], we have directly cut over $1,000 annually from our contracted fire training and since we have been able to easily train staff, the system has paid for itself; given the cost of contracting out this training to the number of staff we trained ourselves."

Dylan Hayes | Disaster Response Manager, Seattle Children’s Hospital

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