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LION Rebel™

Optimal Protection, Dexterity and Comfort

  • A dynamic, three-dimensional design features a 14-piece ergonomic shell that allows for maximum dexterity and comfort.
  • Shell is constructed of heat-resist Aramid knit, reverse goat hide, and top grain cow hide.
  • CROSSTECH® glove insert with film technology and Kovenex® thermal lining offers superior liquid penetration resistance, thermal protection and fingertip control.
  • Combined glove components are flexible, durable and provide added protection against cuts and sharp objects.
  • Lite-N-Dri back-of-hand reinforcement for extra protection.
  • Available in Kevlar® wristlet and gauntlet style.
  • Color: Black with gold palm accent.
  • Sizes: XXS-5XL.


Glove Information

Glove Information

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Product Image

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3D design featuring 14-piece shell

Ergonomic fit providing maximum dexterity and comfort

Shell constructed of heat-resistant para-Aramid knit, reverse goat hide, and top grain cowhide

Durability plus thermal protection

Crosstech glove insert with film technology

Superior liquid penetration resistance, thermal protection, and fingertip control

Thermal reinforcement with Lite-N-Dri® on the back of the hand

Extra thermal protection in a problem area