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Semper Dri™

Reduce Turnout Water Gain

Thermal liners on conventional turnout pants have a tendency to absorb water from fireground activities at the bottom of the leg and migrate upward, sometimes even beyond the knees. This can make the garment heavy and uncomfortable, contribute to stress during firefighting activities and require more drying time. Gravity of the excess weight can also pull the hems of the pants down, causing contact with ground surfaces. This can contribute to premature wear at the cuffs. It is also the number one cause of seat and crotch seam failure on turnout pants.

To reduce the stress on you and your LION firefighting turnout gear, Semper Dri employs 9" of a special Teflon® F-PPE-treated thermal lining material at the lower half of the legs and arms to reduce absorption so they stay drier and lighter. This means more comfort and less stress. In comparative field tests, garments using the Semper Dri System were noticeably lighter in weight after structural firefighting activities and training exercises involving high volumes of water.

Semper Dri material is also standard in the water wells of coat sleeves and in the shoulder/yoke area of coat liners.