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Cushioning Adds Thermal Protection to High-Compression Areas

Lite-N-Dri cushioning provides supplemental thermal insulation to LION turnout coats and pants in high-compression areas such as knees, shoulders, elbows and yoke.

Its basic function is to guard against extraordinary thermal energy (heat) overpowering the thermal barrier and putting the fire fighter at risk. When parts of your protective envelope are compressed, you are more vulnerable to heat-related injury because the compression removes the insulating air from your thermal barrier.

Lite-N-Dri deflects and absorbs energy. It has millions of air pockets that make it much denser than conventional reinforcement materials. It absorbs and transfers heat at a much slower rate. Lite-N-Dri is impermeable so it will not absorb water. This further helps reduce your vulnerability to compression-related burn injuries.

Most thermal insulators in today’s firefighter PPE deflect a little energy and then absorb as much energy as they can. When they’ve absorbed their fill, they transfer that energy. That energy transfer can be quick, explosive and unpredictable, especially when water is introduced into the “storage” system. At only 200°F, water transfers heat 21 times more quickly than air.

Lite-N-Dri cushioning helps guard against heat-related injuries in areas of high compression such as knees, shoulders, elbows and yoke. That’s why Lite-N-Dri is built into the knee of every liner of every model of LION turnout gear.