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Gear that Evolves with Your Job

Each year, your training and experience enable you to enhance your skills and evolve as a firefighter. At LION, we think firefighter gear should evolve as well.

That’s why we offer more models and styles of turnouts, boots, helmets and firefighter accessories than anyone in the industry — and more innovation in each of our PPE product lines. LION raises the bar on comfort and mobility from ergonomically-designed turnout coat and pants patterns to innovative moisture management technologies for improved safety. LION has the first and only structural turnouts that also meet the optional chem/bio standard. Footwear designed to deliver exceptional comfort, safety and durability. PPE cleaning and repair services that ensure your gear is safe and reduce replacement costs.

The hazards you face are constantly changing. That's why LION, through collaboration with the first responder community, is committed to the ongoing delivery of PPE innovations that improve your health, safety and performance in the line of duty.