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Superior Moisture Management Means Optimum Comfort and Thermal Protection

IsoDri Protective Systems fights the proven problems of wet turnout gear by delivering a superior moisture management solution. Each and every IsoDri component is engineered to reduce the water intake. This reduces the heat storage capacity and working weight, promoting both comfort and safety of your LION firefighter protective ensemble.


The Five Components of IsoDri

A turnout must include ALL the following to be considered IsoDri!

1. Shell molecularly bonded with Teflon®
2. Thermal insulation molecularly bonded with Teflon
3. High-lubricity, wicking facecloth. NOT bonded with Teflon.
4. SemperDri™ facecloth and non-woven thermal insulation BOTH molecularly bonded with Teflon
5. Wristlets molecularly-bonded with Teflon


Liner Systems Available As Part of IsoDri
Moisture Management System