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Brian Stephens

Program Manager – Navy Program

Brian joined LVI in 2009, as a Program Manager for the LVI Navy Program.  He came to LVI from a background in operations and supply chain management.  Brian worked as an aviation officer in the U.S. Navy where he gained varied operations experience.  He then gained supply chain management experience while working with a large retail company and a large 3PL.  Brian has worked in operations both large and small, and has experience with inventory management, building startups, and process improvement.  He has a track record of pushing his teams to success with his leadership skills.

Since joining LVI, Brian has streamlined operations and increased inventory accuracy at his facilities around the country through the use of SOPs, best practices, and consistent cycle counts.  Inventory accuracy rates are consistently at 99.5% or higher at his locations.  Brian has shaped his team to be partners with the customer and to find creative solutions to logistics problems.  His team is proud to deliver excellent customer service and works hard to satisfy every military member with speed and accuracy. 

Brian is originally from East Islip, NY, on Long Island, but he lost his accent long ago.  He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy where he earned a B.S. in General Engineering.  Currently, Brian lives in Virginia with his wife and four young children, all girls.  He enjoys coaching soccer for his daughter’s intramural team.  He stays active with his interest in cycling and has completed several long charity bike rides.