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Shanghai fire department opens the most advanced fire training centre in Asia

On Wednesday, November 9th the mayor of Shanghai officially opened the fire department training centre developed by HAAGEN. In the presence of many interested parties and the Deputy Consul General in Shanghai Huub Buise, 16 live fire locations were taken into use by the Director of Training, Colonel Zhu.

Prestigious project

The new Training complex consists of residential, industrial, and transportation areas with over 53 different exercise scenarios. Jac Haagen, Managing Director of HAAGEN: "The fire brigade of Shanghai is the largest fire department in Asia and has more than 7,000 people employed. The new complex offers firefighters a wide range of very useful and realistic training opportunities. Both in the practice premises and in the outside area there are fire simulators that provide a wide range of fire scenarios. We are very proud as a company to have worked on this prestigious project from design to installation together with the top of the Chinese government and fire service."

Unique fire scenarios

Both in the practice premises and in the outside area there are various fire simulations that provide a wide range of fire scenarios, for example:

  • High-rise building: with a height of 65 metres,16 floors and an underground subway station, including two full-scale subway trains, this building is unique in the world;
  • Collapsed apartment building: includes many scenarios and possibilities from search and rescue of victims to various galleries and shafts up to 10 metres deep;
  • Tunnel: a tunnel 100 metres long containing burning trucks and passenger cars.

Aircraft fire training simulator

Besides the above fire scenarios, HAAGEN has designed a number of specific training scenarios provided on the outside area, including a chemical hub, a full-scale ship, a Skytrain, and an aircraft. Jac Haagen: "the aircraft is a full-size replica Boeing 737-700 and measures roughly 36 to 36 m2. The aircraft simulator has various fire scenarios: engine fire , landing gear fire, wing fire, tail fire, cockpit fire, kitchen fire, cargo fire, fuel spill fire, etc .It is an unique fire training simulator in the world.".

For all students and instructors there is an abundance of classrooms and demo rooms as well as several restaurants and a total of 600 beds for an overnight stay.

This new world-class training complex will enable the Shanghai Fire Brigade to train its members to respond and protect one of the world’s largest cities even better in the future.





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