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NIST Utilizes BullEx Technology in Landmark Study

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released a landmark study on the impact of crew size, alarm assignments and vertical-response models on occupant survivability, firefighter safety, and property protection.

BullEx provided NIST with Attack Digital Fire Panels and Smoke Generators for use in their study. These products were programmed to demonstrate fire progression and produce smoke in accordance with the fire behavior model that NIST designed to create realistic fire and visibility conditions.

BullEx Digital Fire Panels and Smoke Generators were used to simulate both heavy fire and smoke conditions on the fire floor as well as heavy smoke on the floor above the fire. The Smoke Generators were tied to the Fire Panels so that the amount of smoke created and the size of the fire displayed followed the simulated fire model.  When firefighters accomplished the corresponding task, the panels initialized a ramp-down feature and eventually turned off. As with a real fire, when the fire was completely extinguished, visibility conditions on the floor began to improve. BullEx SmartDummy Rescue Manikins were also used to simulate victims in search and rescue operations as part of the study.

BullEx is proud to have helped NIST in the completion of this momentous report. NIST’s study will be used to update the next edition of NFPA 1710, and possibly create a new national standard for minimum high-rise fire crew size.

To learn more about NIST's study, watch the video below. View the full study here.



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