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BullEx Training Props Fire Up H.O.T. Evolutions at FDIC

The Hands-On Training (H.O.T.) Evolutions at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (F.D.I.C.), March 21-26, 2011 in Indianapolis, will be intensified with the inclusion of firefighter training props provided by BullEx. Firefighters attending the A.R.F.F. course will extinguish a simulated helicopter fire using the BullEx Helicopter Fire Training Prop. The prop  features propane-fueled flames, movable main rotors and functional cockpit and cabin doors. BullEx SmartDummy™ rescue manikins and Smoke Generators will challenge the trainees in several hands-on courses on Monday and Tuesday, March 21-22. Courses include Essentials of Search and Rescue, R.I.T. Combat Drills and Truck Company: Ventilation.

“We’re honored that our training products were selected for the H.O.T. Evolutions again this year,” said BullEx CEO Ryan O’Donnell. “Our goal is to provide the best firefighter training tools possible and we’re proud to see our equipment put to use at this outstanding training event.”

In addition, BullEx will be hosting a Search and Rescue Challenge on South Street – Booth #14042, March 24 - 26. All participants who successfully navigate the zero visibility environment created in the BullEx Search and Rescue Trailer and rescue the interactive SmartDummy “victim” will be entered into a random drawing to win an iPad.

BullEx will be exhibiting their products at the Indiana Convention Center, Booth #3257, on South Street, Booth #14042 and in the South Street demo area, Booth #15573.



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