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BullEx Introduces the Smoke Generator 4000 and Smoke Generator 6000

BullEx, a market leader in the development of fire safety training tools, introduces the Smoke Generator 4000 (SG4000) and Smoke Generator 6000 (SG6000). These Smoke Generators use smart controls to continuously create the most realistic smoke possible for fire and emergency services training.

The SG4000 and SG6000 can be used to enhance a variety of training scenarios. The high volume of continuous smoke is ideal for creating horizontal or vertical ventilation, search and rescue,thermal imaging, large area search, and mask confidence training drills.

BullEx Smoke Generators are different than traditional smoke machines. Advanced sensors and controls provide a continuous supply of smoke as well as ensuring the highest quality smoke possible with minimal burnt or un-vaporized particles. By closely controlling smoke production and smoke liquid consumption, BullEx Smoke Generators achieve a higher efficiency for reduced operating costs.

“We are excited to launch this new class of Smoke Generators designed specifically for firefighter training. Our goal was to create the most realistic training smoke possible,” said Ryan O’Donnell, BullEx’s Chief Executive Officer. “The result was a line of Smoke Generators capable of producing a non-stop supply of thick dense training smoke ideal for fire training scenarios from search and rescue to vertical and horizontal ventilation.”



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