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BullEx Introduces SmartDummy Rescue Manikins

BullEx, a market leader in the development of fire safety training tools, introduces the SmartDummy™ Rescue Manikin. The SmartDummy is tough enough to handle intense fire training and smart enough to interact with rescuers. With an interactive VoiceBox, the SmartDummy listens for firefighters and calls out for help.

The SmartDummy is a rescue manikin built with a specially developed heavy-duty canvas material that is tough enough for fire training, but flexible enough to simulate victims. Underneath the canvas shell, internal padding provides uniform weight distribution and a realistic feel. The VoiceBox is built into the head of the SmartDummy for ease of access and programming.

The SmartDummy is built to handle fire-rescue, confined space retrieval, pole-top extrication, building collapse scenarios, rope rescue, ladder carry-down drills, vehicle extrication, or virtually any other scenario too dangerous or uncomfortable for live victims.

“With the SmartDummy integrated Voice Box, Fire Training Officers can record specific messages for each training scenario. The SmartDummy can be set to cough, call-out for help or direct firefighters to find additional victims,” said Ryan O’Donnell, BullEx’s Chief Executive Officer. “Giving the SmartDummy a voice adds to the realism of the scenario and helps emergency personnel train to handle traumatized victims.



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