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and lion has your back

We cannot wait to welcome you into our booth at this year's FDIC! Our booth theme, "Many Solutions, One LION," reflects our capability to protect first responders before, during and after events. This year we've fully integrated our Uniforms (both Elbeco Non-Certified Uniforms and LION Certified Uniforms), PPE, Fire Training Products, and TotalCare into a variety of scenarios throughout the booth. It's sure to be bigger and better than ever before.

Make sure your FDIC plans include a visit outside to The HEAT where you can see several of our live fire training products in action through live action scenarios.


We'll see you in Indy in booth #1323!

See all of the latest innovations in LION Turnout Gear!

  • Zip, Flip and Go with Magnetite™ Magnetic Gear Closures - Create less wear and tear on your gear by replacing hook and loop closures with Magnetite™ closures!
  • Learn about thermal and moisture protection that’s a cut above with CenterCut PLUS wth Gore-Tex Barrier Technology – LION’s patented gear liner system that provides optimal thermal protection, while keeping your turnouts drier.  CenterCut PLUS reduces heat stress and provides up to 30% more sustained thermal protection (even when wet!) than a conventional liner system in a working fire!

LION PPE FDIC Page Graphic

Full line of LION Uniforms on display!

  • See our full line of Certified LION Uniforms and Elbeco Non-Certified Uniforms for the first time in the LION booth!

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See New LION Products

Intense, realistic digital fire training just got bigger with the LION HyperFire™.

Coming soon to a training environment near you: The HyperFire™ Digital Controller System.

  • Connect up to nine LION ATTACK™ Digital Fire Panels for more expansive training environments that offer more challenging skill-building
  • Create a larger seat of digital fire that can be placed in new locations anytime you want, including where live fire may not be possible
  • Train to master skills, not scenarios, by providing a wide variety of fire conditions, training levels and hands-on drills

VR Fire Extinguisher Training

We're excited to announce that LION will be showcasing our latest innovation in Virtual Reality Fire Extinguisher training at FDIC! We invite you to stop by our booth and give it a try.

  • Realistic VR fire extinguisher training provides an immersive experience that can be used anywhere and with users of any level of experience
  • Our cutting edge technology allows you to provide practice and mastery of fire extinguishing skills in a safe, controlled environment

Screenshot 2023-03-31 092301

The HEAT is On!

The HEAT 2023 is a multi-vendor, multi-track exhibition which will again be held at FDIC's outdoor demo area.  

Three exhibitions will be conducted over multiple days:  ARFF Response, Vehicle Fires & Victim Rescue and Hazmat Response.  Full PPE will be exhibited by LION, SCBA by 3M™ Scott™ Fire & Safety, apparatus by Rosenbauer, nozzles by Task Force Tips and thermal imaging drones from Autel Robotics.  Reps from each company will be on hand to answer questions after each exhibition.  

Helicopter Fire:

Thursday April 27th - 2pm

Friday April 28th - 3pm

Saturday April 29th - 12pm

Vehicle Fire & Victim Rescue:

Thursday April 27th - 12pm

Friday April 28th - 11am

Hazmat Response:

Thursday April 27th - 4pm

Friday April 28th - 1pm

Saturday April 29th - 10am

FDIC 2023 Web Page HEAT Graphic


Join us for the following events scheduled to take place in the LION booth:

Thursday April 27

1pm - Chief Chat with Deputy Chief Jason Smith from Dekalb County, GA

Join other fire service professionals at our booth for a 15-minute chat on the benefits of proactive gear maintenance and repair.  Led by Dekalb County Deputy Chief Jason Smith, a 25-yr veteran of the fire service, this Chief Chat will focus on how best to utilize NFPA 1851 to structure cleaning and repair programming to realize cost savings, mitigate risks and lengthen the life of assets. 

Five attendees will win an $800 gift certificate for cleaning from LION TotalCare!

Friday April 28th

11am - Reflective trim demo with 3M™ Scotchlite™

Attendees will be entered to win one of two sets of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones!  


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