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Keeping you safer, longer

This week is IAFC’s International Association of Fire Chief’s Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week. One way to keep first responders healthy is by having their gear regularly cleaned, inspected and repaired, if necessary. Let’s face it, firefighting is a dirty, gritty job. Turnout gear that is torn, burnt and damaged through exposure to fire contaminants, as well as bio-hazards (blood-borne pathogens), can be a danger to firefighters’ health. Proper care and maintenance helps keep the protective performance of your gear intact. It can extend the useful life of turnout gear and can help reduce secondary exposure to particulate contamination. It can also lengthen the replacement cycle of department’s turnout gear. Skilled repair can bring gear back to serviceable levels of safety and performance.

Check out the following video depicting LION TotalCare’s cleaning, inspection and repair services. This video also provides examples of how LION TotalCare’s program has enhanced the health, safety and performance of a couple of large fire department and their gear.

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