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In an effort to improve fire department training customer support and coverage, Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc., parent company of TheFireStore, and LION are partnering to distribute first responder training equipment.

LION is the largest family-owned manufacturer of first responder personal protective equipment (PPE) in the United States. In addition to producing some of the most high-quality, cutting-edge turnout gear available, LION also offers a holistic suite of critical fire service products and services that no other US manufacturer provides. LION’s portfolio of First Responder Training Equipment products offers realistic, scalable, repeatable and safe first responder training solutions. From state-of-the-art digital fire training tools to live-fire training props and custom builds, LION’s training product portfolio covers a large spectrum of fire department training needs. Additionally, LION TotalCare® provides first responders with professional PPE cleaning, repair and inspection services.

Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. is a nationally recognized dealer that provides fast access to a full range of specialized public safety equipment and supplies from the biggest manufacturers in the industry of innovative products. By using technological advances, traditional sales efforts, internal customer support and modern fulfillment operations, the company consistently meets the demands of those who serve and protect. In partnership with LION, Witmer is expanding their product offering to include LION’s extensive fire training suite both via their field sales team as well as on their ecommerce site, TheFireStore.com.

“LION is excited to expand our partnership with Witmer,” explains Mark Smith, Senior V.P. of LION. “Adding our First Responder Training Equipment line to their product portfolio will allow us to expand on our combined missions of protecting those who protect us.”

Interested in learning more about the offerings included in the LION fire training product portfolio? Visit the LION website at www.lionprotects.com or TheFireStore at www.thefirestore.com.




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