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Bullex is now lion


BullEx, a leader in fire training solutions, is changing its name and will now sell and market its same great line of training solutions under the name of its parent company LION (the largest family-owned manufacturer of first responder personal protective equipment in the United States).

Although originally acquired by LION in 2012, up to this point, the BullEx brand and operations have remained separate from those of ­­its parent company. The addition of the BullEx fire training portfolio will round out LION’s comprehensive suite of firefighter safety products and services. That suite includes cutting-edge turnout gear, fire helmets, fire gloves, StationWear® uniforms and TotalCare® gear cleaning and maintenance. LION’s First Responder Training Equipment (FRTE) will continue to offer a wide spectrum of safe, realistic and scalable training. These state-of the-art solutions allow firefighters to be trained in a manner that can be customized to their specific requirements and consistently repeated as needed. Additionally, current BullEx customers can expect the same high-quality, innovative training products they’ve become accustomed to – including the ATTACK™ Digital Fire Training System, BullsEye™ Digital Fire Simulation, live-fire training props, smoke generators, custom training facilities and interactive fire training trailers

As a result of their branding and operations change, effective May 21, 2018 the BullEx Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube social media pages will be merged with LION’s corresponding social media pages.

To learn more about LION’s complete suite of products, you can visit our website at www.lionprotects.com, or follow LION on social media:




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