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Turnout Gear Maintenance Plan FAQ

How does the Turnout Maintenance Plan work?

The Turnout Maintenance Plan is an annual program with a flat rate for services. A service is defined as one Advanced Cleaning, one Advanced Inspection and repair. When you enroll in the plan, you are issued a book of coupons. One coupon can be redeemed for one service for either coats or pants.

What about shipping costs?

We pick up the shipping. All you have to do is put your gear and completed coupon for each piece into a box with one of our shipping labels. Visit to print a prepaid FedEx label.

Attach the label to the outside of the box, and send it in. We pay ground freight to and from our service centers.

What does the Turnout Maintenance Plan include?

Each coupon is good for an Advanced Cleaning, Advanced Inspection and repairs due to wear and tear on one coat or pant.

How much does it cost?

The price per coupon is $75. Coupon value is up to $164 when redeemed for cleaning, inspection and repairs.

One year prepayment is required to enter the program and at each annual renewal. Your department has one year from date of invoice to utilize your services.

Biological disinfection and spot cleaning is included for no additional charge.

Do the coupons expire?

Yes, coupons are good for one year.

Can we send coats or pants more than once during the year?

Yes, each coupon entitles you to one full service on any coat or pant during the year.

Will you discount the price if we only want you to inspect and repair, vs only repair?

No, coupons are good for one Advanced Cleaning, Advanced Inspection, and repairs for one coat or pant. You can use them for any combination of the three if you prefer, but no refunds or credits will be issued.

If you have a coat or pant that doesn’t require full service, we recommend that you contact your local TotalCare center to see whether using your coupon or paying transactional prices is least expensive.  

Our turnout gear is 4 years old and has never been cleaned and/or repaired; will a coupon cover all repairs?

Turnout Maintenance Plan coupons cover $120 worth of Advanced Cleaning, Advanced Inspection, and repairs. If your gear will require more work, we will provide you with an itemized cost estimate, and await your instruction.

Will we be charged extra if our gear has tar, body fluids, or chemicals on it?

Decontamination of hazardous materials requires special handling, and specialized cleaning techniques; therefore, a specialized cleaning charge will be applied.

What type of damage isn’t considered wear and tear, and not covered under the maintenance plan?

  • Damage attributed solely from wearing ensembles in situations other than their intended use
  • Damage that arises from conditions under which the ensembles are exposed to excessive heat beyond the conditions which the ensembles were designed to withstand to meet NFPA 1971
  • Complete destruction caused by an extraordinary event (as evidenced by destruction of other ensemble elements being worn by the user)
  • Damage caused by chemical or biological contamination
  • Damage caused by improper storage

What if we lose our coupons?

We recommend that you place the coupons in a binder, and store them in a convenient place. If you lose your coupons, we will reprint them for a nominal charge.

How do we receive our free shipping labels?

You can print prepaid shipping labels directly from our website here: Otherwise, you can call your nearest LION TotalCare center, and we will mail them to you.