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Not in Our House

LION is the founding partner of cancer awareness campaign, Not in Our House

The increased risk of cancer in firefighters is no longer a debate, due to their increased exposure to carcinogens.

Stop Cancer at the Door

Since 2002, more than 60% of career firefighters, added to the IAFF memorial of LODD’s, have died from cancer. Scientist equate the rise of cancer related deaths with firefighters to the synthetic materials now used in homes. These materials burn quicker, and release more cancer-causing carcinogens.

  • The Fire Service Occupational Cancer Alliance has developed a committee to make cancer in the fire service their top priority. We have an opportunity to apmplify their work!
  • Not in Our House calls for firefighters to take a pledge to do all they can to keep themselves, and their team safe
  • Find available resourceseducation, and an outlet to share your story in relation to cancer and firefighting on the Not in Our House website