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Areas of Expertise

Managing Military Procurement, Inspection and Delivery

One of the most critical aspects of military preparedness is having the right equipment at the right time. LVI offers a broad range of military uniform and protective equipment supply chain management services that help you ensure your troops remain prepared at all times — whether they're in training or being deployed.

Program Design

The expertise of LVI is available to help our customers select and evaluate colors, fabrics, styles and other appropriate clothing items to be included in a uniform program. We can illustrate — through electronic imaging — the way program items may be worn with, and compliment, one another.

Product Services Development

We can convert a conceptual supply chain program design into delivery and management of specific protective clothing products, equipment and uniforms, even if the initial specifications were created by a different organization. And, we're capable of improving current military and government uniform items in terms of their attractiveness, functionality and durability.

Sourcing Products/Production

We help our military and government customers identify subcontractors and/or finished goods suppliers that have the capability, experience and expertise to manufacture specific products needed for uniforms and protective clothing. Key elements in selecting suppliers include quality, cost, capacity, reliability and financial stability.

Marketing to End Users

Any uniform program needs internal support. It's vitally important to maintain a high level of communication with the military and government personnel who will be required to wear the apparel and protective clothing. On-site support can be a key element. Marketing also involves the provision of catalogs, order forms, procedure manuals and instructional videos.

Order Entry/Order Management

We provide the means of receiving and entering orders. Direct contact with the apparel wearers in the field can be accomplished through the mail, fax transmissions, phone contact or via the Internet.

Inventory Planning/Management

We help our customers determine all the appropriate numbers for uniform and protective clothing management based on forecasted or actual demand. Beyond that, we conduct capacity planning over a 6 to 12-month time horizon, alerting all military and government suppliers and subcontractors about their projected workloads.


LVI personnel make certain that every uniform item arrives on time and on budget by executing the purchase orders or subcontracts to obtain the specified products.

Warehouse Design/Set-up/Management

We provide the facilities, systems and personnel needed to effectively house and protect uniform items, which are awaiting final shipment to end-users.

Order Processing/Payment

We pick and pack all uniform orders, either on a "first in, first out" basis, or according to customer specific directives regarding groupings and priorities.


Effectively and efficiently delivering products to end-users usually involves employee specific shipments and face-to-face delivery. We can help arrange and manage transportation logistics and the negotiation of applicable freight charges.

Customer Service

The importance of customer service cannot be overstated. We're experts at follow-up, tracking, responding to order status inquiries and, if necessary, order expediting.

Program Control

We can help you make sure everything comes together by establishing the systems, processes and organization necessary to assure all uniform items are produced to the requisite specifications. We provide reports and administrative support, which will assist you in understanding how your uniform program performs on a day-to-day basis.