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Personal Rescue System

Be Prepared with Escape Harnesses and Belts

The LION Personal Rescue System helps firefighters stay prepared. Everything you need is stored in a removable pants pocket, and the Split-bellows pocket design keeps the rope from becoming entangled with the other hardware.

  • Internally re-enforced with DuPont™ KEVLAR® delivering strength, durability and puncture resistance.
  • Pocket is secured at your side, no bag to bang against you.
  • Sturdy breakaway tether tabs stabilize the system and prevents snagging when not in use. 
  • Personal Rescue System can be retrofit into existing turnout gear.
  • Can be used with any Class II life-safety harness or escape belt.

NFPA 1983 manufactured system. Components include:

  • CMC ProSeries™ Escape Line for superior performance when you need it most. 50’ escape line constructed of 100% aramid FR fiber delivers high strength and durability, even when exposed to heat and flame.
  • CMC Escape Artist™. The most advanced descent control device available. Intended for the most extreme conditions, constructed of aluminum and stainless steel for durability and reliable performance.
  • CMC FlashTM  Hook Escape Anchor. Delivers superior strength with minimal weight. The distinct patented shape allows a firm, full-hand grip on top for rapid deployment and placement. When loaded, it directs the spine toward flat surfaces for a sturdy attachment on structural lumber and window ledges. 
  • CMC ProTech™ Carabiners (optional). Rugged, yet lightweight aluminum anchoring points. Wide gate opening fits over 1” diameter railings; or wrap around an object of any thickness and back onto rope itself.
  • Stainless Steel Quick Link and Tether constructed of DuPont™ KEVLAR® webbing provide secure and easy attachment to your harness or escape belt. DuPont™ brand KEVLAR® is renowned for its outstanding strength and durability.

And the Integrated Rescue Harness is easy to use:

  • Engage to your seat harness or escape belt when donning the pants.
  • Pull the tether and descender from your pocket.
  • Connect to your anchor.
  • Pull the removable pocket off the pants (if applicable).
  • Toss the pocket or rope out of the structure and go!