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Custom Color

Increase Visibility with Custom-Color Helmets

Visibility is essential to fire fighter and rescue worker safety. The easier and sooner you can be seen, the safer you are. That’s why we now offer fiberglass helmets in custom colors, including Safety Yellow.

A custom-color helmet allows you to use colors that reflect longer waves of light than the traditional black, yellow, red, orange, blue or white. This means you can be seen sooner and at a greater distance. That’s pretty important when you’re working on the side of a road or highway.

The Color Lasts Because It’s Molded Throughout

Custom color helmets employ Resin Transfer Molding technology for lasting good looks, just like our standard color helmets. This means there is color pigmentation throughout the shell. If you nick or scratch your helmet, there is no glaring white spot. No touch up paint is required.

Choose Any Color in the Rainbow

With our custom-color molding process, LION can mold any color into a fire or rescue helmet. All you need to do is provide a sample of the color or the Pantone Matching System (PMS) number.

While safety is our motivation, the custom-color molding process also offers other benefits to departments. For instance, university departments have ordered helmets that match the school colors.