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Bill Rhinehimer

Business Systems Analyst

During the past 8 years Bill has served and continues to support the LVI Army 3PL program as contract administrator. In addition Bill manages the invoice process for this contract ensuring the systems, internal to Lion, provide accurate data and on-time billing. Furthermore, Bill provides system support and analysis from a technical and reporting standpoint as well as assists in systems improvement. Bill has taken part in every physical inventory for the LVI Army 3PL program greatly assisting from the systems/technical side.

Prior to joining the Lion team in the spring of 2002 Bill served 8 years on active duty in the Marine Corps from 1992-2000 before being honorably discharged as a Sergeant. The first 3 years were spent in the supply and administration field and assisting the warehouse during physical inventories and helped to resolve discrepancies between the supply system and physical inventory throughout the year, not just at physical inventory time. The latter 5 years were spent in the purchasing and contracting field supporting contracts for the Inspector & Instructor (I&I) Staff in St. Louis, MO as well as the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, GA. The purchasing and contracting field requires on-going specified contracting courses of which Bill has under his belt. During the latter 2 years of his time in service Bill also provided hardware and software support for those in his section.

Bill’s professional and technical expertise from his experience in the Marine Corps has extended to the Lion team and continues to support Lion Logistics. During his tenure at Lion he has obtained a Master’s Certification in Government Contracting from the George Washington University School of Business.

Bill has completed an Associates degree in Web Development and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree with a focus in Management Information Systems (MIS).

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