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About LVI

LVI was the result of a 50/50 joint-venture partnership with Hagemeyer N.A., formerly Vallen Safety Supply Company, now, wholly owned and operated by LION.

LVI is a global leader in supply chain and lifecycle management of protective clothing, equipment and uniforms. LVI has a deep commitment to delivering superior services supporting our customers' personal safety, readiness and professional identity needs. We seek to do business with stakeholders who share our commitment to honesty, transparency and action consistent with our core values. We strive to understand our customers' needs and exceed them in execution.

We provide our customers:

  • Organizational and financial resources to execute some of the largest uniform and personal equipment management projects in the world and the flexibility to tailor them to our customers' expectations.
  • Commitment to long-term partnerships; we foster a close working relationship in order to build trust and confidence.
  • Specialists in supply chain solutions; our intimate familiarity with organizational clothing and equipment makes us stand out above most traditional clothing product and 3PL suppliers.